How to Choose a Houston Pool Builder

by admin on December 7, 2010

Choosing the perfect pool builder to make your dream pool is not an easy decision. You want to find the perfect design that fits your backyard, and the safety mechanisms to protect your children. You want to find a company that fulfills their obligations, and provides the service and quality of materials that keeps your pool in good shape for many years.

Different Materials and Different Techniques

Not every pool is made the same. The quality of materials and technique used to build your pool will make a huge difference in the outcome and the value of the product. Don’t begin to price shop until after you’ve verified the pool companies you are in contact with are using premium materials.

When it comes to Pools, you get what you pay for, and you don’t want to be the consumer who is duped by a lowest-price job who will eventually need to have their pool restored by real professionals. When we purchased our pool, we noticed that the builder had a real passion for his job and it was obvious in his work that he was not only building the pool to please us as a customer, but to please himself as a builder.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is important in selecting the right company. You should check out their website to see if they are members of any national pool, builder or safety associations. Here are a few to look for:

Basic Questions to Ask Your Prospective Builder:

How many years has the company been in business?
Ask the builder if they can supply you with a few references of their work.
Before you tell them what type of pool you want, have them tell you what type of pools they have constructed in the past.
How big is the company?

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