6 Ways to Protect the Security of your Swimming Pool

by Sandra Franks on January 16, 2012

Keep children and neighborhood pets safe with pool fencing, alarms and chemical storage

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off and cool off as a family during the summer.  A family swimming pool in your backyard provides that instant cooling oasis—however it can be a dangerous temptation for children when there is no adult supervision.  Swimming pools can post risk to children, neighborhood pets and anyone who can’t swim. As the owner of a pool, it is your legal responsibility to install adequate swimming pool security to help keep you, your family and your neighborhood safe. When I had my own pool put in, all of the Huston pool contractors that I spoke to told me they weren’t able to begin building my in-ground pool until I had a fence erected.

Let’s start by examining the XX most popular swimming pool security options…

1.  Swimming pool fencing

Pool fencing comes in various designs and styles, so there’s no reason not to install a fence before you install your pool. In fact, you are legally obligated to fence in any pool or spa area in most U.S. states. A pool or spa fence offers a layer of protection around your pool and spa from unwanted guests—such as curious neighborhood children, your own unsupervised children or even furry critters that might fall into the pool and drown. The most popular pool fencing comes in:

  • Galvanized wire or chain link fencing
  • Study weatherproof wooden fencing
  • Colored mesh fencing with safety latches

All types of pool fencing should be outfitted with a security gate with an automatic latch that is locked when you’re pool is not in use. Locks for pool fencing vary as well. For the best peace of mind choose either a magnetically-triggered lock that can’t be pulled open by a child, or a sturdy lock with torsion springs that requires a key.

2. Pool covers

An added layer of protection—should a child or pet breech your pool fence—is a pool or spa cover. These should be put over the swimming surface whenever your pool is not in use, not just for off season. You can choose a manual pool cover that you will stretch over the pool surface by hand, or an automatic cover that secures your pool with the easy push of a button.  Locks should be fitted on most manual or automatic pool and spa covers. Pool covers are not that heavy, so without a lock, they can still be easily removed without much strength.  A pool cover will also save you from cleaning a pool constantly as it will prevent foliage and insects from falling into your pool or spa when it’s not in use.

3. Pool alarms

The final layer of security for your pool or spa should be a trusty pool alarm. This is especially useful with households with curious toddlers who have just found the joy of walking and exploring.  You know the first time your back is turned they are going to go for the pool. Most pool alarms are small units that you can equip and turn off via a remote receiver. Just let the pool alarm float on the pool’s surface. If a child or animal falls into the pool, the alarm will go off instantly.

4. Laser security

Laser pool security is a more recent type of pool or spa alarm that provides an extra layer of invisible security around the water. If a child, animal or strangers enter your pool, the laser will detect movement and sound an alarm to the detection. Again, the laser alarm is activated via a remote control. You can likewise protect individuals, like your child, from danger by fitting them with a laser alarm, which is worm around their wrist. The alarm will sound immediately if your child falls into the water.

5. Interior pool fences

An interior pool fence is like a baby fence, it blocks off the deep end of your pool as well as the powerful sucking power of your pool’s drain, which can drag a child below the surface of your pool very quickly. These durable plastic fences can create a shallow wading pool where your child is safe to cool off in the pool without danger of drowning.

6. Pool storage sheds

Pool storage structures put dangerous pool and spa chemicals safely under lock and key so you don’t have clutter on your pool deck or leave poisonous chemicals out for children or animals to ingest.

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